Chattanooga FC: The US Club with 2,000 Owners Around the World

Chattanooga FC: The US Club with 2,000 Owners Around the World

In a groundbreaking move, Chattanooga FC, a soccer club based in Tennessee, has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts by selling shares and inviting fans to become part-owners. This unique approach has resonated with supporters who seek a stake in their team, resulting in the sale of over $500,000 in shares within just one month. By tapping into this market, Chattanooga FC has sparked a revolution, demonstrating that community-based teams can thrive in the world of professional sports.

Shares Sold and Global Ownership: Chattanooga FC has attracted over 2,000 partners from 44 US states and 10 countries worldwide. These individuals, including renowned sport management professor Stefan Szymanski and former US midfielder Kyle Martino, have purchased shares at $125 each. While individual ownership stakes are relatively small, the collective impact is substantial. Shareholders receive exclusive privileges such as voting rights, invitations to annual shareholders’ meetings, commemorative items, and having their names printed on the team’s away shirt alongside fellow shareholders.

Building a Community: The allure of community-based football resonates strongly with supporters. Chattanooga FC’s initiative provides an alternative to the corporate and sanitized versions of the game often associated with larger sports organizations. The club’s aim is to foster a coalition of passionate and devoted fans who desire an open and competitive system. By engaging local interest and cultivating a synergy with the community, Chattanooga FC aims to strengthen the bond between the team, the city, and American soccer as a whole.

Successes and Inspirations: Since its establishment in 2009, Chattanooga FC has enjoyed a loyal local following, regularly drawing an average of 3,500 fans per game. The club’s crowdfunding effort has expanded its reach significantly, attracting investors from across the United States and around the globe. Inspired by the Green Bay Packers, a publicly owned non-profit corporation, Chattanooga FC sought to emulate their grassroots fan support model. The Packers’ successful history of multiple stock issuances and their steadfast connection to their local community served as a guiding principle for Chattanooga FC’s approach.

A Brave New World: Chattanooga FC’s venture into community ownership marks an exciting turning point in US professional sports. While the current franchise system is not inherently flawed, the prospect of community-based ownership adds a dynamic element to the industry. The success of Chattanooga FC’s crowdfunding campaign serves as evidence that fans worldwide are eager to participate in this supporter ownership model. The outpouring of support from around the globe reinforces the belief that this approach can flourish beyond Tennessee, inspiring other clubs to explore similar avenues.

Conclusion: Chattanooga FC’s pioneering approach in selling shares to fans has redefined the relationship between a sports club and its supporters. By fostering a sense of ownership and community, the team has harnessed the passion and financial support of thousands of individuals. This innovative model has the potential to transform the landscape of professional sports, placing the power back into the hands of the fans. Chattanooga FC has embarked on an exciting journey that could serve as a blueprint for future community-based teams, further solidifying the notion that sports can be a unifying force that transcends borders and empowers individuals worldwide.

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