#GlazersOut: Sell Manchester United and Preserve The Club’s Legacy

#GlazersOut: Sell Manchester United and Preserve The Club’s Legacy

Manchester United, the world’s biggest club with an illustrious history, holds a special place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. From the legendary Busby Babes to the iconic Class of ’99 and the treble-winning team of 2008, the memories and connections forged through this club run deep. Yet, it is with great anger and frustration that we must address the current state of affairs. The Glazers, the owners who treat this historic club as their personal cash cow, have drained more than a billion pounds from  Manchester United since 2012. Enough is enough! It’s time for the Glazers and Ed Woodward to go!

A Legacy Under Threat: Manchester United is not just a football club; it represents a legacy and an identity cherished by millions. However, the Glazers’ disregard for the club’s heritage is evident. They have plunged the club into debt, with a staggering £496 million burden hanging over our heads. To add insult to injury, £768 million has been paid in interest alone, diverting crucial funds away from investing in the squad and the stadium.

A Parade of Disastrous Signings: When the Glazers were forced to spend on transfers, their decisions have been nothing short of catastrophic. Misguided signings have transformed Manchester United into a laughingstock, tarnishing our reputation and undermining the team’s on-field success. The Glazers’ incompetence is clear for all to see.

Demanding New Ownership: It is time for new owners who genuinely care about the club and its fans to step in. However, we must ensure that we do not sacrifice our values and tarnish our rich history. We vehemently oppose any sale of the club to the Saudis or any state sponsors or regimes that disregard human rights. Manchester United should be a force for positivity and joy, not associated with owners who have blood on their hands.

The Glaziers’ desire to join the Super League encapsulates their voracious greed and a lack of understanding of Manchester United’s values. Their ownership has been marked by a relentless pursuit of profit, disregard for the fans and community, and a willingness to sacrifice tradition and sporting merit. The Glaziers’ decision to align themselves with the Super League further undermines the club’s identity and heritage. As passionate supporters, it is crucial that we hold them accountable, demanding transparency, respect, and a commitment to upholding Manchester United’s legacy. Only through collective action can we hope to restore the club to its rightful place as a beacon of footballing excellence and community spirit.

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