National Football Museum Joins Forces with FC United: A Celebration of Football Heritage and Unity

National Football Museum Joins Forces with FC United: A Celebration of Football Heritage and Unity

Exciting news resonates throughout the football community as the National Football Museum proudly announces its latest partnership with FC United of Manchester.

Nestled in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant city center, within the iconic Urbis building, the National Football Museum stands as a testament to the captivating stories that have woven the fabric of the beautiful game. It serves as a haven for preserving and displaying invaluable artifacts from the esteemed Football Heritage Collection.

In a remarkable collaboration, the museum has teamed up with FC United of Manchester to offer an enhanced experience for visitors and football aficionados. As part of this groundbreaking partnership, the museum’s official store will now feature a range of FC United merchandise, making it the exclusive destination beyond the club where fans can secure official memorabilia.

A notable highlight of this alliance is the inclusion of FC United’s commemorative women’s kit, a poignant symbol of tribute and progress. This special kit pays homage to the Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU), which was formed in Manchester in 1903, marking its 120th anniversary. Beyond its historical significance, the women’s kit also serves as a powerful emblem of equality and diversity in the realm of football. By proudly displaying this kit, the museum embraces the spirit of International Women’s Day and underscores the vital role women play in shaping the sport.

Natalie Atkinson, Chief Executive of FC United of Manchester, expressed her elation at this new partnership, stating, “I am thrilled to announce this exciting collaboration with the National Football Museum. As the sole outlet beyond our club that offers official FC United merchandise, this presence within the museum allows us to share our story and elevate our profile to visitors from all corners of the globe.”

Tim Desmond, CEO of the National Football Museum, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the museum’s commitment to strengthening ties with FC United of Manchester. With over 160,000 visitors gracing its halls annually, the museum serves as a hub of football enthusiasm, where intrigue in FC United and the prestigious European FENIX Trophy competition runs high. By showcasing the club to a broader audience, the museum takes immense pride in celebrating women in football through the display of the commemorative women’s kit, launching it with great fanfare on International Women’s Day.

This groundbreaking partnership between the National Football Museum and FC United of Manchester promises to ignite passion, foster unity, and enrich the narrative of football heritage. Visitors can now embark on a truly immersive journey that intertwines the tales of the past with the spirit of inclusivity, all within the hallowed halls of the museum.

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